Extravert, Introvert or Ambivert

 I’m in the center. I do communicate for my job, so that is pure extroversion, but before and after the ‘show’ I NEED time alone. I don’t like to talk to anyone.
Some days, I walk around the grocery store with a smile and an open heart. Other days, I’m wearing my headphones hoping nobody speaks to me.
For me, it all depends on how much alone time I get. When I’m alone, I meditate. I relax. I’m calm. I’m never stressed out when I’m alone, but I’m not a true introvert because the right energy from others motivates me.
I love going out. I love meeting new people. Some days, I’ll call people, text, and engage in conversation all day because it feeds me. Other days, like today, my iPhone is on moon mode because I don’t want humans to contact me.

That’s a little insight on me. Think about yourself.  Connect on a deeper level. Tag someone who will enjoy this writing.

Signs that you’re an Ambivert:
1. You can go out and be the life of the party but suddenly your energy drops and you want to go home
2. Small talk all annoys you. In fact, it bores you.
3. Some weekends you want to party. Some you want to be alone.
4. Too much time alone makes you sad or puts you at a low vibrational frequency.
5. You literally balance out whoever you’re with. You become more extroverted around introverts and more introverted around extroverts.
6. You’re usually observing what’s going on around you.
7. You love attention but don’t want it for too long.


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